We are committed to celebrating and preserving Ouseburn Valley's heritage. Alongside our photography and oral archives, our heritage research volunteers help create a knowledge library, documenting forgotten stories and helping us find ways to share them with the public.

Volunteer as a Heritage Researcher at Ouseburn Trust

About the role

As a heritage research volunteer, you can explore any Ouseburn-related topics that interest you. Use the internet, databases, original documents, archives, photo research and interviews to dig deeper into local stories. 

You’ll have the opportunity to use our website and social media as publishing platforms to share your research with the public.  

This role will help you develop new skills, gain confidence and learning to appreciate the local area in a different way. It’s a great addition CV credit to anyone working in the heritage or cultural sector.

Volunteer as a Heritage Researcher at Ouseburn Trust

What we expect from you

Heritage researchers work within their own timeframe. You will work closely with our Heritage Project Officer who will offer advice and support.

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