About the package

This is a new learning package for schools designed for use with children in Key Stage 1 History, Geography and Science programmes in 2014. Teachers will find the whole package useful in planning a visit to the Ouseburn Valley. 

Families can also use the video, photos and trail guide as an independent activity. 

You can look at and download the materials below.

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Jenny's Journey Introduction

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How to use this package

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Visit and venue information

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Classroom Resource Old Ouseburn Images

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Classroom Resource - Jenny's Daughter, Trail Map, Postcard

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Visit Resource - Trail directions, Map

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Visit Resource - Viewpoint prompts

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Jenny's film - Liberdade

Jenny's film

A real girl, Jenny, who grew up in the Ouseburn Valley, challenges children to compare the Ouseburn Valley now with her experience of it a hundred years ago.
Education opportunities in Ouseburn Valley

Plan a visit

This learning package can be used on its own, or to complement a planned visit to educational venues in the Ouseburn Valley such as the Victoria Tunnel, Seven Stories, Ouseburn Farm, Stepney Bank Stables, or Northern Print. 

We would love to hear your feedback on using this learning package.