Our private Back to the Future guided walks are perfect for university and school groups. The content of the walk is suited best for people aged KS3 and above, although we can adapt the content for younger audiences. This experience involves 90-minutes of walking with some gentle inclines and steps.

What we cover

The Ouseburn Valley is often considered the birthplace of the industrial revolution in Newcastle. The area’s rich industrial background dates back to the 17th-century. By the mid-20th century, many of the local industries, houses and pubs had either closed or moved out. The area presented a sorry neglected combination of empty buildings, derelict sites, scrapyards, warehousing, and car-related businesses. 

This all started to change with the introduction of artists and musicians to the area in the early 1980s. New organisations followed, partnerships developed, regeneration programmes were initiated and the area’s heritage and character reclaimed and promoted. Now, Ouseburn is a thriving urban village – home to a conservation area and often dubbed Newcastle’s Cultural Quarter. 

Our walking tour of the valley uses archive images to demonstrate change compared to the existing structures that the tour takes in. These are provided digitally in advance of the tour and as physical booklets for those groups who don’t have use of phones or tablets.

Ballast Hill at Ouseburn Valley

Curriculum Links, Key Skills and Learning Objectives

  • A local history study 
  • Human Geography, A Changing Place, local place study and contemporary urban environment / urbanisation 
  • Regeneration 
  • interpretation and evaluation of a range of source material including textual and visual sources 
  • develop their knowledge of locations, places, processes, and environments, at all geographical scales from local to global across the specification as a whole 
  • The interpretation of photographic and map evidence showing ‘before and after’ cross-sections of regenerated urban and rural places 

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