Our curriculum-aligned offer helps children delve deeper into the Victorian Times, including the industrial revolution. This experience is especially designed for KS1, KS2, and KS3.

Our Industrial Revolution and Victorian Times theme includes

  • A one hour tour underground - We will kit out you and your class with hard hats and torches and take you for a short walk along the Ouseburn Valley and into the Victoria Tunnel. To explore how to tunnel was built and used as a waggonway to transport coal under Newcastle, focusing on the impact of coal power. 
  • A one hour classroom activity - We offer an opportunity to handle original and replica artefacts that may have been lost and found in the Valley, look at the evidence left in the Valley from its history as a place of industry, and discuss the experience of children their age living during the Victorian period, helping the children discover the differences between life now and then. 

We can adapt activities if you let us know what you’re studying, and what you’d like your students to take away from this experience 

Accessible visits

Our tunnel is not fully accessible, as there are 5 sets of blast walls from its time as an air raid shelter. This makes it difficult, and often impossible, for wheelchairs to navigate. 

Wheelchair users can still go underground, but only in the first 300 meters before the first blast wall. 

As an alternative offer, we have a film about the tunnel in WW2 which can be watched under or above ground. Please request this at the time of booking.

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