The Malings Community Fund is distributed by residents of the Malings in Ouseburn Valley. The Ouseburn Trust hosts application information but does not distribute this funding.

About the fund

The Malings Community fund is open to organisations or individuals to support community projects in and around Ouseburn. 

Everything you need to know is here: 

  • How to apply 
  • How much you can apply for 
  • Who can apply 
  • What can and can’t be funded 
  • General Guidance 
  • Funding Conditions 

If you require any more information regarding the fund, please contact 

Your application will be reviewed by members of the Malings Management Company (MMC). We may email you to ask for additional information and can provide feedback if requested. Please allow 3 weeks for a decision on the outcome of your application.

Download our application form

Everything you need to know

How much you can apply for? 

We welcome applications from £100 up to £2000 and everything in between. We may consider applications for over £2000 in exceptional circumstances but might ask you to provide additional information in this case. Applications can also be part funded. 


Who can apply? 

We accept applications from: voluntary or community organisations, registered charities, constituted groups or clubs, not-for-profit companies or Community Interest Companies and self-employed individuals e.g., an artist, musician or performer. 


What can be funded? 

  • New community initiatives and project activities 
  • Environmental and sustainability initiatives and project activities 
  • Support for events and social activities 
  • Support for trips and travel activities 
  • Infrastructure and equipment purchases 
  • Publicity costs 
  • Food 


What can’t be funded? 

  • Individually owned items (i.e. clothing) will not be fully funded however a contribution or matched funding may be agreed. 
  • Retrospective items / events that have already taken place. 
  • Donations, in any forms, to other charities. 
  • Anything that conflicts with the Malings Community Fund Constitution. 
  • We can’t fund any activity that breaches Government Guidelines (e.g., in relation to the law). 


General Guidance 

  • Applications are inclusive, welcoming and benefit the widest possible number of people. 
  • Applications must consider environmental impact and sustainability alongside a range of ethical and social responsibility considerations. 
  • Applications are value for money. 
  • Applications could be part funded and could be agreed as a matched funding arrangement. 
  • You can apply for funding more than once per year; however it is likely that we’ll require you to spend one fund before we agree another. 
  • Funded activities will require appropriate risk assessments to keep participants safe – where you are purchasing a service or activity from an external organisation checks will be made relating to their public liability insurance and internal risk management procedures. 


Funding Conditions 

Before payment can be released, you need to be able to confirm that you agree to and can meet all conditions below.  

Our funding offer is conditional on the Malings Management Company (MMC) being satisfied with the documentation received as instructed in the acceptance letter. (Remember to keep a copy of all the documents for your own records.) 

  • The funds will be used only for the purposes for which it was applied and can only be spent as agreed. If you do want to make any changes, please contact us first at 
  • The activity will be delivered by the date agreed. 
  • If you spend less than agreed, please contact us before spending the excess. Funding will be reclaimed if not spent. 
  • You will provide satisfactory evidence that your organisation has active and adequate safeguarding and health and safety policies and procedures. 
  • You will provide satisfactory evidence that the appropriate and relevant licences and insurance for the activity. 
  • Ensure that adequate precautions are taken to protect the health and safety of the people working at and attending the activity. 
  • Ensure that adequate safeguarding procedures are taken in the delivery of this activity. 
  • Consider how to get more people involved in the activity and make it as accessible and inclusive to as many different people as possible. 
    Feedback and Evaluation 
  • You will send the MMC a short feedback and evaluation report using the form provided. 
  • You will acknowledge The Malings Community Fund and use the logo wherever appropriate, in all the activity publicity, annual reports, accounts, presentations, websites, DVD’s, CD’s and any relevant publications or activity related products. 
  • Inform the MMC of the activity and invite them to it. 
  • Accept that members of the MMC might want to publicise the activity/event to a wider audience and may require a photographer to be present. 
  • Obtain written photographic and film consent from participants (and in the case of children under 16, from their parents and or guardians) when taking pictures and/or films. 
  • Agree to being invited to future MMC meetings to talk about the project. 



Payment will only be made when The Malings Community Fund receives and is satisfied with all relevant documents including: 

  • The organisation’s constitution. 
  • An invoice 
  • A signed Conditions of Funding form. 
  • A confirmation form signed by a local organisation agreeing to administer the funds on your behalf (in the case of not having a bank account). 
  • The Funder reserves the right to withdraw, reduce, vary or withhold the funding, in whole or in part if the Funder has reasonable ground for believing that: 
  • Funds, if released, would not be applied for the specific purpose for which the funding was made. 
  • The conditions above are not being adhered to. 
  • The law is not being complied with.